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Nothing to Fix About You,

For millions of our children, school is not a safe place. Every day over 100,000 kids don’t go to school because they are afraid of being bullied. Tragically, a studies have found that hundred suicides among young people each year are related to bullying.

There is an amazingly simple, game changing solution that decreases the impact of bullying on a kid’s self-worth and makes school a place kids want to be.

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Nonprofit aims to make kids confident, teach leadership

It is often said that those who believe in themselves are more likely to earn the respect of others. Marty Ward of Viera said that her experience as a life coach and social worker has repeatedly proven the truth of the notion that confidence contributes to success and happiness, and that's why instilling confidence in others has been her life's work. Ward is the founder of a nonprofit organization called Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying, a group [...]

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What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?

June Arbelo, a second-grade teacher at Central School, comforts a student who wants to go home during the first day of school. Tristan Spinski/GRAIN Leigh Robinson was out for a lunchtime walk one brisk day during the spring of 2013 when a call came from the principal at her school. Will, a third-grader with a history of acting up in class, was flipping out on the playground. He’d taken off his belt and was [...]

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How to Stop Bullying

Although this video teaches what I teach about decreasing the impact of bullying,  I have a slightly different take on it. When kids own what is true, the bully has no power.  Because I believe in giving kids resilience from the inside out so it lasts life time, instead of teaching kids to have "tough skin” like he teaches  in the video, what I add is giving kids a deep belief in  themselves. I train [...]

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To Eliminate Bullying around the world, Marty L Ward, Founder of Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc. 501c3, along with photojournalist Christina Stuart, is traveling to UGANDA AFRICA to be with Pastor Buni Alex, director of Confidence Eliminates Bullying programs in Uganda and Tanzania.

Itinerary March 1 – 12th

1st March Receiving Instructor Martha from Entebbe International Airport

2nd March you will minister to our City Fellowship to over seventy (70) people. In that evening we will travel to another Place where we will facilitate on third.

3rd March Isingiro District Southern Region of Uganda to parents over one hundred fifty parents (150)

4th March we will be sharing to parents and Secondary student over two hundred people (200) at Kamuli, Rakia District

5th March Travelling back to Kampala City.

6th March Meeting parents in Bugiri District Eastern Uganda over One hundred people (100)

7th March resting during the day at the source of the great River Nile of Africa and meeting the Deputy of Education for a dinner discussion.

8th March we will minister to the parents in one of the remotest area in our District Church branch at the Village of Bujwaaya to encourage those parents over one hundred fifty people.

9th March in morning hours you will be facilitating to the secondary students only over (1000) and from noon to evening you will share to over four thousand (4000) Primary school pupils where they will have Sports, athletics and Talent show.

10th March you will be facilitating to teachers and religious leaders over two hundred fifty (250) people together with the Deputy of Education (D.E.O).

11th March you will share to our small church congregation and have time to rest in our office of Think Like God Daily-CCK program.

12th March travelling to the great Island of Kalangala for your retreat to the last day of your going back