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Mission Statement

To provide a permanent solution to bullying and encourage civility around the world by educating Community and Business leaders, Administrators and Teachers, and Parents and Grandparents on how to identify, acknowledge, and develop an individual’s Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) so that everyone learns to become confident, emotionally intelligent individuals, able to recognize that they matter and how to make healthy choices for themselves and support each other. 

SCHOOL Programs

In the school environment, Confidence Eliminates Bullying (CEB) focuses on providing training for Teachers, Administrators, School employees, SRO Officers, Bus Drivers, and Parents and Grandparents so that they can support the development of the students Talents, Abilities, Gifts (TAGs™) so that they respect themselves and know their life and the lives of others matter, decreasing discipline problems, suicides, and school violence.

Everyone is taught to honor and value students for who they are so that everyone becomes “Confidence Boosters” vs “Fault Finders”.  Our Program develops a cognitive understanding of emotions so that you can identify negative feelings and help transform them into empowered action. Everyone becomes more confident and resilient in the face of adversity.

It promotes cooperation and support among students, teachers, parents, and administrators helping students achieve academic success and develop confidence in the face of adversity. Bullies and the bullied will learn how to react with civility and manage their emotions so that they feel confident and secure so negative words or actions will not have a long-term impact in their life.

Schedule TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training at Your School

“I love seeing so many people in this room being trained as TAG 4 Change Ambassadors. I want to see 100s more!”

Deputy Kirk Geweniger, School Board K-9 Officer Brevard County Schools ~ TAG 4 Change Ambassador graduate.


In the corporations, hospitals, community organizations, TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training fosters dignity, civility, and harmony among employees and customers/clients/patients. With an increased EFQ – Emotional Fitness Quotient, employees will work better as a team, become more resilient, resolve problems effectively and increase productivity. With an increased emotional investment in their work and the web of relationships, there is a powerful sense of belonging and ownership for implementation.

The purpose of this training is to learn how to connect successfully and live well with others; bringing civility, harmony and grace into all relationships. Being You Matters and, when you embrace this knowing for yourself and others, an elevated appreciation for you and humanity is cultivated.

Kids Learn that “Being Me Matters”

CLASSROOM Presentations

We provide dynamic, interactive classroom and school assembly programs for Kindergarten to High School.

Students discover the unique gift they are to the world by identifying their Talents, Abilities, and Gifts (TAGs). Their TAGs give them concrete reasons to know why they matter and to know they are somebody of value and worth listening to.

They learn that by owning the unique gift they are to the world by remembering how Talented, Able and Gifted they are, they can believe in themselves rather than the mean words of the bully. They also are introduced to understanding their Emotional Intelligence and what motivates their behavior so that they can begin to learn how to more effectively respond to a situation rather than react.

Schedule a Classroom Presentation at Your School

“Your TAGs system was beneficial to both the students and teachers. The students completed the activity realizing all the greatness that is within them. The parent letter that you have created is powerful! It is a great tool for parents of “at risk” students especially since they are often focused on their negative behavior. Actually, it is an awesome tool for any parent and teachers as well.”

Natasha Douglas, Teacher, South Area Alternate Learning Center, Brevard Central Schools.

“Marty is extremely knowledgeable on the subject of bullying and creating confident students. Finding a dedicated, loving and supportive person for my children to talk to is a giant plus for me. I feel that with the Create Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying program they are developing many great coping skills that will last forever in them. Marty is a treasure. I’m so honored to be able to work with her. Thank you.”

Barbara Lawson, Site Coordinator Bentley Elementary Extended Day Program, Seminole County Public Schools

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