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Our Students Need Your Help! As you see in the news, current programs are failing to protect our children and punishing bullies have only escalated a bad situation.

Incidences like the recent violence in schools and community gathering places awaken us to the fact that students, teachers, administrators, parents, and grandparents need to work together to develop confident, emotionally intelligent students who make healthy choices for themselves and support others.

Help Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc. eliminate suicides and school violence caused by bullying.  

 Of the 4,600 students a year who commit suicide, hundreds are due to bullying

Over 100,000 kids skip school each day rather than attend school and confront a bully

77% of students admit to being the victim of some type of bullying

Despite “Anti-Bullying” programs, bullying is getting worse in American schools (bullyingstatistics.org)

The Purpose of the TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training is to learn how to connect successfully and live well with others bringing civility, harmony, and grace into all relationships. Using a new behavior model based on Emotional Intelligence, TAG 4 Change Ambassadors are trained to identify and acknowledge an individual’s Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) so that everyone learns to honor and value the gift they are to the world. Being You Matters and, when you embrace this knowledge for yourself and others, an elevated appreciation for you and humanity is cultivated.

Our Mission Statement:  To provide a permanent solution to bullying and encourage civility around the world by educating Community and Business Leaders, Administrators and Teachers, and Parents and Grandparents on how to identify, acknowledge and develop an individual’s Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) so that everyone learns to become confident, emotionally intelligent individuals, able to recognize that they matter and how to make healthy choices for themselves and support each other.

DONATION GOAL  April 2018 – April 2019 $100,000


How You Can Reach 1000s of Teachers, Parents, Community Leaders with Your Message

In the USA Sponsorships Range from $2,500 – 10,000

  • Sponsor TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training for Administration, Teachers, SRO Officers
  • Sponsor TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training for Parents, Grandparents, Community Leaders
  • Sponsor TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training for Sports and School Leadership Teams.
  • Sponsor Ambassador Training for Worship Groups
  • Sponsor Events that reach 1000s of teachers, parents, grandparents, community leaders like at: Make ‘emSmile Event Orlando (50,000) ; 4thof July Palm Bay Chamber (4,000) ; Space Coast Kids Expo ( 2000) ; Florida Kids and Family Expo (15,000) ; Kick Off Fair Back to School Event Brevard (2000) ; PTA Leadership Convention (1000).
  • Hold or Sponsor a Fund Raiser or Community outreach event.
  • Donate to the CEB TAG 4 Change Fund so we can continue to reach 1000s of adults and children with our a new emotionally intelligent approach that focused on the development of students’ Talents, Abilities, Gifts (TAGs)™ so that they respect themselves and know their life and the lives of others matter.

In AFRICA Sponsorships Range from $450 – 12,000

  • Provide Scholarships for students for 1 year ($450 p/student) including uniforms, boarding, food, supplies and exam and program management fees.
  • Donate to the TAG 4 Change Africa operations fund of $1000 per month to support ten TAG Change Ambassador Trainers
  • Sponsor the purchase of a car ($1,400) for the team to reach the 1000s of teachers, parents, pastors, and children they work with each month vs riding a bicycle or hiring a car and driver.
  • Send TAG 4 Change Team to Africa to provide in-depth training for 20,000 teachers, parents, pastors, and students in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda

To schedule a meeting about sponsoring a school and/or training,
CONTACT MARTY L WARD, Founder, Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc. 501c3 321-848-4997


Bully Proof Kids from the Inside Out 

Your sponsorship would provide training for Teachers, Administrators, School Employees, SRO Officers, Parents, and Grandparents for the school of your choice. The school community members will learn to support the development of the students Talents, Abilities, Gifts (TAGs™) so that they respect themselves and know their life and the lives of others matter, decreasing discipline problems, suicides, and school violence.

Everyone is taught to honor and value students for who they are so that everyone becomes “Confidence Boosters” vs “Fault Finders”.  Our Program develops a cognitive understanding of emotions so that negative feelings are transformed into empowered action. Everyone becomes more confident and resilient in the face of adversity. It promotes cooperation and support between students, teachers, parents, grandparents, and administrators helping students achieve academic success and develop confidence in the face of adversity. Bullies and the bullied will learn how to believe in themselves and react with civility as they manage their emotions. They will feel so confident and secure that neither words nor actions will have a long-term impact in their life anymore.


The First Ripple: It gives everyone more confidence and a sense of well-being.

The Second Ripple: It has everyone speaking to and spending time with children and co-workers in a way that has them feeling that they matter.

The Third Ripple: As a Parent, as a Teacher, you get more time for yourself while the children feel nurtured and supported and cooperate more easily.

The Fourth Ripple: Everyone is seen as Talented, Able and Gifted (TAGs) and becomes a Confidence Booster Vs Fault Finder.

“I love seeing so many people in this room being trained as TAG 4 Change Ambassadors. I want to see 100s more!”

Deputy Kirk Geweniger, School Board K-9 Officer Brevard ~ TAG 4 Change Ambassador graduate.

One of the benefits of sponsorship is your corporation receives a complimentary
TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training for up to 50 people

In corporations, hospitals, community organizations, TAG 4 Change Ambassador Training fosters dignity, civility and harmony among employees and customers/clients/patients. With an increased EFQ – Emotional Fitness Quotient, employees will work better as a team, become more resilient, resolve problems effectively and increase productivity. With an increased emotional investment in their work and the web of relationships, there is a powerful sense of belonging, and ownership for implementation.

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To schedule a meeting about sponsoring a school and/or training,
CONTACT MARTY L WARD, Founder, Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc. 501c3 321-848-4997

Donate to TAG 4 Change Movement

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