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Welcome to the TAG 4 Change Movement


Calista Mikayla is 10 years old, an aspiring author and entrepreneur, and she loves music and performing arts. Her first dance recital was at age 2, she’s been cast in several musical theatre performances at her local youth theatre, and she’s currently learning piano, music theory, and taking voice lessons. She rocks it at school in the academy class, placed in her recent science fair, and is consistently on the honor roll. Most of all, she has a kind heart, and is a lover of animals and all beings.  www.calistamikayla.com

Neva Lee Recla is on a mission to inspire other kids by sharing her experiences as a young entrepreneur. Neva joined her parents at her first CEO Space International business conference at 2 years-old and she never looked back.

One of her first businesses was a philanthropic venture called Spreading Light, Love and Pixie Dust™ . This venture continues today with Neva drawing pictures and creating poems for wounded warriors and veterans. Through her corporate sponsorship program, Neva has distributed  more than 2000 pictures to veterans around the nation.

In 2017 she delivered a keynote in front of 2,000 people called: Young Entrepreneurs Will Change the World.

Now she’s creating a bestselling book to support parents who want to inspire their kids to do business. She offers businesses an opportunity to promote their brands by sponsoring the book and supporting a young entrepreneur. Current sponsors include Webkinz by Ganz.

Neytiri is an old soul in a 5 year old body. From a young age, we knew she was special. Her tender heart, care for others and wisdom are beyond the comprehension of a child. She is always reaching out to help and spreads love everywhere she goes. Neytiri loves to express herself through singing, dancing, acting, modeling and any other form of entertaining she can come up with. She also enjoys meditating and yoga, she says ‘it helps my heart and brain be happy and healthy.’ She is a friend to many and an inspiration all.

Rozlyn is a straight “A” student in 7th Grade. She is on the Middle School and JV Cheer team, on the Dance team, in chorus, drama and involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She is a competitive figure skater on a Theatre on Ice team and will be going to US Nationals this summer in Chicago. Rozlyn is a professional actress for tv, film and commercial and is a student at Prodigy Talent Training. Her credits include a leaing role in an award winning short film, Reflection, which is showing in Dubai and Beirut, plus an international commercial with the Toronto Blue Jays. She has a brother in the Autism Spectrum and is an advocate for kids with special needs. Rozlyn sings when she is happy, which is most of the time, and always smiles and says hi to classmates. Here motto is to be nice to everyone!

CJ Salem is 10 year old and resides in Brookfield, CT spending equal time with his mother Joyce Woodfield and father Christopher Salem. He loves sports and dedicates himself to improving his skills and leadership ability on the travel team for baseball, basketball, and football. In addition, he loves to learn holding a 4.0 grade point average in 5th grade, plays guitar, and enjoys reading. He stands up for other kids in need and in 2nd grade took a leadership role on anti bullying in school. He believes every kid has unique abilities and gifts to share with the world. Bullying others to him is a direct reflection of what they feel about themselves projecting onto others perceived weak.

Missing the chance to play at Augusta by 1 point and being in second placed was disappointing, but Tatyana is a champion. Instead of being sad, Tatyana says she’s going for a first-place win and the chance to play at Augusta this year.

Tatyana Smith is a 10-year old golfer on the rise. One of thirty-one junior golfers from the Middle Atlantic PGA Section, Tatyana competed in the 2017 Drive, Chip & Putt Championship at the Baltusrol Country Club in Springfield, NJ and finished strong. Her win qualified her to be the first alternative in her age group with a chance to play at the Augusta National Golf Club during the Masters Week last year.

This young super star uses her TAGsTalent as a golfer using her Abilities of athletic, flexible, adaptable, coordinated, determined, and persistent to give her Gift to the world of inspiring kids to know, “You can be anything you want if you put your mind to it!”

Tatyana says there are two things you must do to be successful: (1) practice, because practice is key, and (2) be a good listener, not a big-headed ‘know-it-all”. She has the mindset of a winner and she believes in herself.

Thank you, Tatyana for inspiring other children to share their gift to the world by expressing their TAGs as they bring their dream into reality. We wish you the best and look forward to following your journey to the Masters!

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