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OVERVIEW: Below you will see the itinerary Buni created for us and then what ACTUALLY happened that day.

The Ugandan people are amazingly patient and Buni had done a brilliant marketing job so they were convinced I was worth waiting to hear. Often, we were behind schedule, sometimes by 3- 6 hours; yet, people waited for us and celebrated our arrival with song and dance and great joy and praising God to the highest. In some places, crowds started off with 5 – 15 people, but by the end, when we did the Being Me Matters Celebration, the seats were filled with 40 – hundreds.

Our outstanding team consists of; Pastor Buni Alex, Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc. Liaison to Africa, Pastor Modi Emmanuel Victor,  Peduni Esther, Musheb Feni Richard, Pastor Nsubuga Frederick, and Luyijja Mugagga, driver.  Christina Stuart, Christina Stuart Photography, was our dedicated and well-loved photojournalist. She was a “child magnet!” Everywhere we went, the children gathered around her and squealed with joy when they saw their picture.  She worked tirelessly to be sure to get every angle and capture the essence of each person and moment on the trip.  She came up with creative ways to keep the equipment charged so no matter what, she was ready to shoot. She trained Emma as her assistant to be our videographer. He did a great job finding special moments to record. She shot over 25,000 pictures. We are grateful for her professionalism and special gift she has as a photographer.

Each day, we all piled into our Toyota Van, body to body, singing and laughing our way through Uganda. We called it our “Love Bubble” because there is so much love shared between us. Our mission as a team is to Eliminate Bullying/caning of children and wives by sharing the next evolution in personal development and child development principles so that children and adults believe in themselves rather than the mean words and deeds of the bully.

In the countryside at homes or at restaurants, there was no running water or electric except occasionally some solar power. All our food was prepared on open fires and came directly from the farm to the table. Bathing was in a plastic tub with boiled water mixed with cold. Toilets were, what we call, outhouses. We carried our personal supply of toilet paper where ever we went.  In hotels, there was power, internet, toilets and showers with cold or room temperature water but no hot water, except once.

Uganda is a country and people of constant contrast:

  • Loving, caring, fun, joyous enthusiastic people who, due to lack of knowledge, cane/beat their children and wives.
  • They navigate their narrow, rutted, roads dotted with people, animals, and bushes with the same dexterity it would take to thread the eye of a needle with a camel with grace and ease and yet the aggression of prize fighter getting through a crowd.
  • They have no running water or toilets in the countryside, but are neat, clean and washed always. They even sweep the dirt in front of their homes and businesses. This focus on cleanliness is evidently due to Gandhi’s influence. He taught the importance of keeping themselves clean.

A leftover cultural pattern from the British rule is women curtsey and get on their knees to greet you. They are expected to serve men and so do not eat with the men or guests. They work hard morning til night. Many are business women. They farm, create arts and crafts, bake, teach, nurse, pastor, and run schools.  

We raised enough money to give all 10 of the schools that use our Confidence Eliminates Bullying TAG Method, and an orphanage a water filter and soccer ball! Many days, children are sick and can’t go to school due to the dirty water they drink that is gathered from puddles or creeks where cows, oxen and goats share the water. Now, they will have 300 gallons of clean water a day for 10 years to drink and fun playing soccer with a real soccer ball. The one they have been using is made of banana leaves and plastic bags tied together. As creative as that is, they loved having a leather one!

My presentations are based on my study with my mentor, and good friend of 10 years, Luis Garcia and his work Personal Development Simplified that was edited by me, the child development principles gained as a teacher, school-based social worker, and concepts shared by Becky Bailey of Conscious Discipline, my work as a Transformation Strategist for entrepreneurs, and my life experiences of being bullied that I have transformed into a gift to give the world the tools to know how to never have their confidence stolen from them.


Feb 28th Receiving Instructor Martha from Entebbe International Airport.


Flight delayed. 4-hour struggle in Newark to find a way to get to Africa. Flew to Brussels and spent the night with no luggage.


Thursday 1st March Original a plan: Celebrate Marty’s Birthday and at 2 pm drive to District Southern Region of Uganda.

Actual – Arrived 10:30 pm. No luggage. Left airport at 2:30 am to Buni and Emma, Fen, Mugagga, Fred, & Pastor Jimmy’s welcome sign and open arms! Flat tire on the car…Took another car to Kampala to a hotel. No hot water. Bed at 4:30 am.

No Luggage!

2nd Friday /3rd Saturday/4th Sunday March Isingiro District Southern Region of Uganda to parents over one hundred fifty parents (150).

ACTUAL – 8:30 am off to Pastor Sanu and Godfrey’s banana plantation in the Southern Region – 6-hour drive on roads that are filled with bumps and 6 inch deep ruts and potholes you could lose a car in. Mugagga is an AMAZING driver who swerved and danced the car between the holes and ruts to keep us safe hour after hour. Much of the time we went 5 – 10 mph to make it over or around an obstacle and the cows, goats, chickens, children, farmers, oxen, motorcycles and bicycles carrying wood, bananas, couches, products to market, kids, passengers, car parts – whatever needs to be transported. We all shared space on roads, that at times are barely wide enough for our van.

Pastor Sanu & Godfrey’s Plantation

We crossed the Equator and had lunch. This was our first experience with local food and toilets that are what we call outhouses. Lunch was delicious chicken and rice and beans.

After a 6 hour drive, we stopped at Pastor Juilus’ Secondary Vocational School for a visit. He piled into the car and guided us to Pastor Sanu and Godfrey’s banana plantation where we stayed for the next 4 days.

(Remember: We had no luggage…We wore the same clothes for 7 days so you will see us in our travel outfits a lot in the pictures!)

I got started teaching right away. In the evening, I spoke to Religious Leaders who were gathered for a retreat. Boas, a member of this community, interpreted for me. Bishop Julius Kalamira and the 2nd to the Bishop Godfrey Katinisa and his wife who have 17 churches that they oversee were there to hear my first presentation. Bishop Julius also has two schools that we visited.


Teaching Religious Leaders & Parents

Pastor Sanu and her husband, Godfrey, live on their Banana Plantation. They have a lively and well-attended church and excellent primary and boarding school. They provide education for orphans and have some paying students as well.


Mugagga, Fen, Emma, Buni, Christina

We stayed in guest quarters with our team. 4 bedrooms and a dining area. One person was in charge of taking care of us. She took great care of us, anticipating our needs. They have many cooks. We had an overhead light in our room with 2 beds. (No luggage for 7 days) Bathroom facilities about 25 yards away were 3 small unlit rooms with a hole in the ground. The children’s school work does double duty. Once graded, it is used as toilet paper by the children.


Our bedroom

Cooking is done on open fires next to the guest house. Chickens, goats, and dogs share the yard. The dirt is swept each morning. Water is always available to wash your hands and feet. Despite no running water, everyone is very conscious about being clean and neat. Shoes off when you walk in the building because they have been to the toilet, sandals on the inside.

Hot tea was left by the bed every night to have first thing in the morning.

Meals were outstanding, 15 – 20 different dishes at each dinner. All crops are grown on the farm. Baked passion fruit was my favorite.

Christina was brave and tasted everything. Yams, sweet potatoes, bananas all mushed together called Motoki, rice, cabbage, goat, Poosha – like white mashed potatoes, spinach, greens from the yard, mangos, pineapples, watermelon, bread, pumpkin bread, Blue Bell butter. Nothing is wasted here. All parts of animals and fish are enjoyed – liver, goat stomach, fish heads.

Every evening we had Black Tea which was a mini-meal. Black tea is served with hot milk and lots of sugar and a selection of vegetables, fruit and sometimes meat. It is a time of conversation and sharing and a lovely way to end our day together.

We never attempted to bathe outside there. We bathed in a tub in our room. Hot water was brought each night.


Feast following teaching

Christina loved the cows with the big horns and the children LOVED HER! We called her the “Child Magnet.” If you live outside the city, you have never seen yourself in a mirror! So when she took pictures and showed the kids what they looked like, they would giggle and squirm and scream and want more! She would patiently take the time to show them over and over and even let them take a picture to experience this new technology!


Christina with the children

We had to improvise since we had none of our equipment that was in our luggage. We charged our phones and computers in the Toyota Van that became our Love Bubble that we traveled in throughout the country. 8 of us including Esther all snuggled into the van each day laughing and singing our way through Uganda.

We were woken by a rooster and the team singing worship songs.

March 3rd

I taught the children at the school in the morning. They learned how Talented, Able and Gifted (TAGs) they are. In the afternoon, I trained parents and teachers. I was pleased that the kids voluntarily kept coming to every one of the sessions I taught in the church. I taught about Talents, Abilities and Gifts (TAGs) before lunch and Feelings and Emotional Intelligence after lunch.


Teaching TAGs

Christina did interviews – Rev Godfrey Katinisa and his wife. Sanu and her husband, Godfrey. I presented them with a Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc. Level One Training Certificate. Rev Godfrey said he used to beat his children while reading the bible. NOW he would approach them with humility and understanding. This was good news as he has 17 churches under him with whom he said he would share the message about Creating Confident Kids to Eliminate Bullying.


Pastor Sanu & Godfrey and Boaz, interpreter

March 4rd Sunday

Church is a 4-hour celebration 10 – 3 pm. I preached to a full crowd at the church. We did our first Being Me Matters Celebration. We did not have Stickers because they were in the luggage, but it had a huge impact. Sanu told Godfrey how much she loved and valued him. He felt energized and excited because she had not told him before in this way.


Pastor James’ Church

5h March we will be sharing to parents and Secondary student over two hundred people (200) at Kamuli, Rakia District 

ACTUAL – Having heard my message, Boaz, wanted us to come to his school. We added Boaz’s Primary School to our schedule. Kids were taught outside, in open air buildings and in some enclosed classrooms. Boaz needs building supplies to enlarge the classrooms so the gov’t will approve of his school. In the meantime, 100s of kids are being served by a loving and caring man who wants them to be all they can be!

Boaz’s Primary School

Boaz’s Primary School

Education is seen as VERY IMPORTANT here. People are inspired to start schools because they are so passionate about giving kids a chance at a good life. Often, it is done out of their pocket that is not very deep. They are pastors and farmers who just want to give kids a chance. Two of our leaders, Pastor Emma and Pastor Fred, will be opening the first of many TAG 4 Change Schools as soon as we get funding to buy or be given land and build the schools.

Teaching TAGs

Teaching TAGs

Education is “free” BUT you pay “school fees” for uniforms and supplies. Often families only have enough for some of their kids to go. The cost is equal to $30 for 3 months including boarding!!! Kids who don’t get to go to school feel less than, not good enough, and abandoned by their families. They WANT to go!

We have set up a TAG 4 Change Scholarship Fund as part of our fund-raising campaign. We have one student on Scholarship now.

Next, we went to Julius Kalamira’s  Adulam Vocational School. After every presentation and Being Me Mattes Celebration, Christina would interview 3 people to find out what it felt like to be told that they mattered. Generally, it was one adult and 2 kids.

Here, one girl wanted to be a doctor – Her dad had died because the doctors were not careful. It turned out, Buni knew the family. She was now encouraged to not give up and to pursue being a doctor.

We then went to Julius’ Primary School in the Kamuli Rakai district there were signs everywhere to not have sex! I suggested having the kids repaint the signs to focus on what they wanted – “I respect my body.” “I honor and value my Talents, Abilities, and Gifts (TAGs)”, “I value who I am.” “ I choose to be with friends who respect me for who I am.” “I make healthy choices.”

Bishop Julius’ Vocational High School

Bishop Julius’ Vocational High School

A teacher was inspired to give me 3 eggs from his hens in thanks for the message I shared.

We went to get our luggage in Entebbe and then spent night in Kampala. Warm water – not hot – shower but no towel…

6th March Meeting parents in Bugiri District Eastern Uganda over One hundred people (100)

ACTUAL – We bought the 10 Soccer balls and a smartphone for Buni so he can have access to the internet, taking photos and videos and to connect with me on Zoom.

We crossed the Nile River and visited Pastor Bwire James church that is in a field. Kids sang and danced for us to celebrate our arrival. They put on a play that was about an 8 yr old boy who was suicidal because he didn’t have school fees! That is how much not being able to attend school affects these children!

Pastor James gives families chickens so they can start to earn money for school fees.  A mother of 9 said, “the chicken just get sick and dies…”  I shared about seeing what you want and having an abundance mindset so that chickens live and you have eggs to sell and chickens to eat!

I spoke with a young man after my presentation who wanted to be a teacher but didn’t have school fees. When we visited Mary Alice’s Vocational School the next day, I asked if she could have him start teaching there. Turns out he is Pastor James’ brother so they are seeing what can be worked out so he can be a teacher!

Creative display of the Being Me Matters Stickers

Creative display of the Being Me Matters Stickers

Delicious lunch was served in the field!

Next, we drove to Mary Alice’s Victory Education Centre for a snack, black tea and spent the night. (We laughed when we found condoms in our room from previous visitors and were glad someone was planning ahead!)

7th March resting during the day at the source of the great River Nile of Africa and meeting the Deputy of Education for a dinner discussion.

ACTUAL – I taught 400 kids in the morning at Mary Alice Bamukisa’s Victory Education Centre in the Kamongo Region Bugweri County, Idudi town and then we enjoyed breakfast. She showed us the construction going on behind the school for the boarding school she is building. (We never got to meet Alice Doya. She was sick and then was traveling so will meet via Zoom one day soon.)

Email: Bamukisamaryalice2@gmail.com

400 Children know they Matter!

400 Children know they Matter!

We gave Pastor James his gift of a Solar Charger for his phone. This way Buni can keep in touch with him more often.

We took time to go out for a boat tour of the Nile near the Aswan Dam. It was a nice break to enjoy the water and see some wildlife.

Enjoying the Nile

Enjoying the Nile

Next, we visited Jessie Stone’s Soft Power Health Clinic Kyabirwa Village. She is the daughter of a friend of my sisters. Florence, who works there does Domestic Violence prevention and will be meeting with Buni to collaborate.

A hotel in Kayunga.

Met Terry about his program and agreed to see the children on Saturday.

Gave Buni his TAG 4 Change logo Shirts. He loves them and looks very official.

8th March we will minister to the parents in one of the remotest areas in our District Church branch at the Village of Bujwaaya to encourage those parents over one hundred fifty people.

ACTUAL – We drove as far as we could to get close to the Caring Heart Breakthrough Victory Church Namwajje Kisakye. It was in a very remote area. Fen pulled trees out of the way to get the van through the underbrush, and then we walked the rest of the way to the church. We had been delayed so there were just a few people and kids there. I decided to teach the kids American children’s songs to fill in time so others would arrive.  We sang Row Row, Row, Your Boat, and Smile Smile, Let me see you smile that great big Ugandan Smile!

Ready to play soccer!

Ready to play soccer!

Following the presentation and Being Me Matters Celebration, women who had walked a long way using a stick as a crutch shared she felt valued and motivated for the first time ever!

We gave out our first football/soccer ball. Kids LOVED the soccer ball and immediately began to play!

Being playful with the kids

Being playful with the kids

Tabong Tom, an elder at this church, came and got the water filter at the next school.

Pastor Oguti Paul, Director of School at Caring Heart Junior and Nursery School Namizo A area is blind but says he sees through the spirit. As we left the school, we saw kids gathering water from a dirty puddle to drink! THAT is why we gave them a water filter.

#1 Water Filter donation Anonymous


This where they get their water…that is why we brought water filters!

I taught at a Church in the afternoon. Here I got pineapple and bananas as a gift! 

Went to the pastor’s house for dinner right on the water. Fish heads for dinner. Gave him a solar battery charger. Buni’s mom’s house.

9th March Friday in morning hours you will be facilitating to the secondary students only over (1000) and from noon to evening, you will share to over four thousand (4000) Primary school pupils where they will have Sports, athletics, and Talent show.

ACTUAL – Met at Chaplin’s house Rev Charles Neme. Then went to Busaana Secondary School in Busaana.

In 2007, in the King’s Chamber at the top of the pyramid in Egypt, I had a vision that I would be standing in a white long dress with 1000 children at my feet listening to what I had to say.

March 9th, 2018, the day arrived for that vision to be realized. In my long white dress standing on a walkway above the children, I taught 1000 children. We were told that the kids wrote letters to their headmaster because they wanted me to come back.

Fulfilling my destiny predicted in 2007… In 2015, Buni found my book in a pile to be burned. 2018 I am in Uganda before a 1000 children.

Fulfilling my destiny predicted in 2007…
In 2015, Buni found my book in a pile to be burned. 2018 I am in Uganda before a 1000 children.

Head teacher OkwenjeVincent@gmail.com .

Back to the office to change before teaching at 9 other schools, ending each with a Being Me Matters Celebration and delivering water filters and soccer balls.

#1 Kawawa Bright Future Nursery and Primary School


#2 Water filter donated by Women’s Prosperity Network (WPN).

Water Filter delivered donated by Women’s Prosperity Network.

Water Filter delivered donated by
Women’s Prosperity Network.

Musumali George, Director.

Ebenezer Junior School Packed the kids into the classroom

#3 Water filter donated by Dawn Meyer, Purple Dawn Played football.

Banana leaves and plastic bag football and their new Soccer ball.

Banana leaves and plastic bag football and their new Soccer ball.

Rise and Shine Nursery and Primary School.  Kids lined the driveway. A teacher with a stick.

#4 Water filter donated by Dr. Ruth Rodrizuez, Natural Solutions

Director Mutaka Vincent worked with Buni

Namusaala Church of Uganda Primary School. Director Osako Yosam Abiyam. Drinking out of water fountain that came from unfiltered rainwater. Buni and Emma went to school here.

#5 Water filter donated by Marilyn O’Day

Full Gospel Junior School Director SOS Peter.


#6 Water filter donated by Darlyne McGee Silhouette Hair Salon

Lusenke Jr School 

#7 Water filter donated by David Dunsworth Marketing Partners Inc.

Namutya Church of Uganda Primary School

#8  Water filter donated by Lisa Soloway


Home to Buni’s Mamma’s House with a GRAND celebration welcome by the community of women with dancing, whooping, and bouncing to lead our van down the road. We enjoyed a 10-course meal. I trained the members of her community for three hours as they were hungry to learn, grow, and discover more of who they are and to learn to connect and communicate with each other and their children more effectively.

Bouncing is a way of saying “Hello!”

Bouncing is a way of saying “Hello!”

Black tea time

Black tea time


10th Saturday, March you will be facilitating to teachers and religious leaders over two hundred fifty (250) people together with the Deputy of Education (D.E.O).

ACTUAL We started the day teaching at Terry’s Hope For Life Community International  School Tente Church of Uganda Primary School of 300 kids.

Terry’s Hope For Life Community International

Terry’s Hope For Life Community International

We then drove to a tent in a field to minister to a group of 40 people. Buni had done such a great marketing job on the value of coming to hear me speak that 4 men, aged 75-80 walked 27 miles to hear me! Two of them has slept by the side of the road on their journey. One was legally blind. One woman said the reason I came to Uganda was to save her life. One man was saved by Jesus.

4 of these men walked 27 miles to hear me speak

4 of these men walked 27 miles to hear me speak

Before I spoke, I was asked to bless a goat who was sacrificed in my honor. Lunch of goat and delicious vegetables were served when I finished preaching.

Blessing of the goat

Blessing of the goat

Pastor Owino Simone Peter heard me speak and wanted me to come to his school on Monday.

We stopped in Kayunga to shop for peanuts, eggs and sugar cane for Mamma and Buni and Emma got a shave by Fen at the barber shop to look good for church the next day.

Home in the evening to Mamma’s for a swim in the Nile.

11th Sunday, March you will share with our small church congregation and have time to rest in our office of Think Like God Daily-CCK program.

ACTUAL Preached at two churches. 1st at Chaplin Rev Charles Neme’s church St Peter’s Church of Uganda in Busaana.

Fun music and singing

Fun music and singing

2nd at Pastor Emma’s church, Focus for Life Mahanaim Church in Wampologoma. It was here that all the children left the church service to follow Christina to the van. We bought a water pot for Mamma made by the pastor.

Water Pot for Mamma

Water Pot for Mamma

We enjoyed black Tea and yummy food at Esther’s parent’s home. Gave her family a solar battery charger for their phones.

Next, we drove to Emma’s parents for lovely lunch and a quick game of soccer. Here we met his sister who we are pleased to have as our first TAG 4 Change Scholarship student. She will now be able to go to boarding school for the rest of the year.

Back to Mamma’s for the night.

12th Monday, March traveling to the great Island of Kalangala for your retreat.

Actual – Taught a Ebenezer Kibuzi Nursery and Primary School in Kibuzi because the pastor had heard me speak at the church in the field and asked us to his school.

We each have a special package given to us by God.

We each have a special package given to us by God.

It was here that the pastor told the story about how his kids cooperated in washing their feet. By using what I had taught him, the children not only easily cooperated but voluntarily put on their shoes!  He commented that they usually hate wearing shoes to schools, but today they put them on!

We went to the office to spend a few hours training the team.

Team Office for training

Team Office for training

Then we went to Kawuku Village Busaana Town Council Bugerere High School

#9 Water filter donation by Deborah Fitch for TAG 4 Change

Here I taught two classes of 250 teenagers.

At Mamma’s in the evening, we had Black Tea and Family Question time. I gave out gift of Solar Batteries to Emma, Fred, Feni, Mugaga, and Buni. Esther received a shirt with logo TAG 4 Change

13th Tuesday, March


Taught at Rita Education Center Orphanage and Nursery P-7 in Kawaala. Pastor Alex Temple.

Rita Educational Center Orphanage

Rita Educational Center Orphanage

#10 Donation of Water filter by TheWaterbearers.org.

We had bought all our filters from them to support their work in getting clean water to millions around the world.

I recorded two Radio Shows with Pastor Emma at Words of Hope Uganda Christian University. Spirit 96.6 FM

Radio Manager Emmanuel Bugga Bugsemmannuel@gmail.com +256-701-710914

Back to K- Hotel in Kampala

14th Wednesday, March Shopping for Buni’s Computer, White Board, Projector, Printer

3 hours and 3 banks later we had money to buy office supplies! I had to be VERY BRAVE to ride in Kampala!

3 hours and 3 banks later we had money to buy office supplies! I had to be VERY BRAVE to ride in Kampala!

We took the ferry to Ssese Island for our retreat and to train our leaders.

Ferry to Ssese Island for retreat and training

Ferry to Ssese Island for retreat and training

Being Me Matters Song on my new drum

Being Me Matters Song on my new drum

15th  Thursday. Christina was under the weather and got a chance to sleep in. Did training in the morning and individual coaching in the afternoon

Training the trainers

Training the trainers

16th Friday

Stayed on the Island. Coached individuals in the morning and then we went to the beach to play volleyball and swim. It was the teams’ favorite day. They never get a chance to just relax and play. We found an Art and Craft shop and bought gifts for friends. This is the first time we have had for shopping.

Buni relaxing

Buni relaxing

Lake Victory for a swim

Lake Victory for a swim



Christina Buni Esther

Christina Buni Esther

17th Saturday, March you will minister to our City Fellowship to over seventy (70) people.


Took a 3 hour ferry ride to Entebbe. Not wanting to waste a minute, I trained the team on the ferry ride.

Ministered to Loubowa Life Church in Loubowa suburb of Kampala. Pastor Fred Ssentonego.

The Women’s Council gave me gifts of shelled peanuts, roasted soy beans and corn, sesame seed balls and extra seeds and a bolt of beautiful material. WOW! So generous of them to give so much when they have so little. I gave the material to Esther whose dream is to be a fashion designer. She has decided to make and dress for herself and shirts for the men on the team so when they present at schools and churches they be in uniform.

Testimony that this teacher will no longer cane children but instead speak to them by encouraging them to all of who they are!

Testimony that this teacher will no longer cane children but instead speak to them by encouraging them to all of who they are!

Did one hour live radio show on Words of Hope Uganda Christian University.

Spirit 96.6 FM.

4 callers thanked us for the information. One caller had 2 wives. One wife was a heavy drinker and he wanted to know if he should cane her to make her stop…I suggested he help her to discover her TAGs and let her know that she mattered.  

Live Radio Words of Hope Uganda Christian University. Spirit 96.6 FM

Live Radio Words of Hope Uganda Christian University. Spirit 96.6 FM

K-Hotel for Celebration Dinner and presentation of Confidence Eliminate Bullying Level One Training Certificates to Emma, Esther, Fred, Fen, and Mugagga and Master Trainer Certificate to Buni.

18th Sunday Preached at Pastor Emma’s former Church Makerer Christian Fellowship.

Wave goodbye with a joyous heart, rich and full of fabulous memories of impacting the parents, children, teachers, religious leaders, and Ugandan community.

Pastor Emma intrepreting for me

Pastor Emma intrepreting for me


Pastor Emma’s former Church Makerer Christian Fellowship.

Fixed Buni’s computer. Bought another whiteboard and had ice cream.

Beach at Entebbe

Beach at Entebbe

Went to Beach at Entebbe and hung out and danced and Christina did interviews of our team:

Buni Alex

Modi Emmanuel Victor

Peduni Esther

Musheb Feni Richard

Nsubuga Frederick

Luyijja Mugagga

Buni’s giving us farewell gifts.

Buni’s giving us farewell gifts.

Until December 2018!

Until December 2018!

Wave goodbye with a joyous heart and tears of missing our team, rich and full of fabulous memories of impacting the parents, children, teachers, religious leaders, and Ugandan community.


What I, Buni, want you to teach when you come to Uganda:

1. Teachers; I would prefer you teach teachers (a) Creating Confident
Kids and Eliminate Bullying, at Schools (b) Science of Getting Rich
(c) How to develop children’s (TAGs).


(a) Creating Confident Kids and Eliminate Bullying

(b) Science of Getting Rich
(c) How to develop children’s TAGs.


Emotional Intelligence

Children’s brain development

How to respect children and see them for who they are.

To know that Being Me Matters.

Result: Many teachers are not caning children anymore.

2. Parents: The most hurting situation here most children don’t enjoy
their families. Therefore, I would prefer you teach parents how to
Inspire children love and enjoy their families.


We taught how to have a loving, nurturing relationship between children and parents.

How to have parents Inspire children to cooperate and enjoy their families more.

How to value themselves and how to have more fun and joy in their life.How to develop children’s TAGs.

How to develop Emotional Intelligence

How to understand children’s brain development

How to respect children and see them for who they are.

To know that Being Me Matters.

Results: Many parents are not caning children anymore.

Children are cooperating more

More joy in families

Kids: I would enjoy seeing you teach Children to enjoy being themselves, and Discover how Talented Able and Gifted they are. Also teaching children to enjoy their Families, School and Communities.


Kids learned how Talented, Able and Gifted they are.

That they need to honor and value who they are.

How to respect themselves and see themselves for who they are.

To know that Being Me Matters

To believe in themselves not the mean words of the bully.

How to get along with their parents and respect what they want for their life.

My, Buni’s, goal for our trip to Uganda:

1. To establish the relationship and corporation between me and you,


There is love, respect, collaboration and cooperation

There is a deep bond and desire to succeed and expand the program

There is a friendship and understanding that is beyond words

2. To connect you to a big Family (i.e. many friends in Uganda)


We met over 7000 and taught about 100 religious leaders and teachers, and hundreds of parents who want to stay connected to us and we to them.

We will be going back to Uganda in December to run a 3-week training program.

Pastor Fred has 350 Pastors Scheduled so far.

Pastors would hear me speak and ask me to come to their schools to teach their students and teachers. We added 10 more schools and  over 20 churches.

3. For you to know and see personally the challenges parents
especially women are facing in raring children and their Economic


We saw and experienced their situations and circumstances.

We addressed how to see beyond where they are and how to value themselves and have joy and connection to themselves and their children.

We taught them to communicate with their children vs caning/beating them.

Testimonies of pastors and parents about how children easily cooperated proved they listened. Others promised to always use the TAG Method with their children and students and would share with their congregations and teachers.

4. For you to see opportunities for expanding your Vision and if
necessary your businesses.


We did Being Me Matters Celebrations that impacted over 6000 children and adults.

We started with 28 leaders Now we have 100 leaders

We were in 8 Churches. We are now in 20 Churches

We started with 10 schools. We now have 20 schools

We had reached 5000 kids We now have reached 7000 kids

We had reached 1000 adults.We now have reached 3000 adults or more

We have been asked to Kenya.

Two people were saved and accepted Jesus as their savior.

One woman said that the only reason I came to Uganda was to save her life. Her life was saved.

We reached 1000s on the radio and had people call in and thank us for our message.

TAG 4 Change Scholarship Fund was established March 18, 2018

In one week, we got enough money to send 7 children to school
for a semester.

TAG 4 Change Video Blog

Weekly Video Blogs started 3/28/18

TAGTalk with Marty the Kids Zone

Kid zone was a success before I left with 6 Interviews of Kids
the Teen Zone and 
the Parent Zone  will begin in April

TESTIMONY to Our Work in Africa

From Buni Alex
This morning Pastor Owino Simon Peter called me with a burning testimony of how he applied Marty’s teaching to his elder daughter who had run away from her husband with bitterness of heart. When he sat down with her applying Marty’s teaching, immediately she decided to go back to her husband and the husband called him with great gratitude for having father-in-law who cares. So Pastor Owino called me to extend his gratitude to Marty Christina and the team in USA. THANK YOU FOR IMPACTING AFRICA.